Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Speakers Are Here

Finally, after a bit of comparison shopping, I now have a definite upgrade in sound. These are Tapco Thumps. These speakers are actually engineered and manufactured by Mackie, a leader in professional audio systems.

Tapco is a subsidiary of Mackie and their speakers are assembled in China per Mackie's specs, which means a lower cost of goods. Translation: I can actually afford them. I ordered the speakers from American Musical Supply. Shipping was free and I also received a set of free stands, which was nice. I have been wanting to upgrade my sound for awhile and this was a deal I could not pass up.

The Thumps are pretty big. They're powered and handle close to 600 watts... quite a step up from the paltry 100 watts I was running for small parties. At around 35 lbs, they are lightweight too; I can heave them up onto their stands with no problem.

Best of all, these speakers put out some really nice sound. I've already done some preliminary tests and I can tell you right now, these things sound sweet no matter what type of music I throw at them. And god almighty, are they loud! My neighbor across the street heard them on Saturday as I was testing them in my garage with the door down. He said to me, and I quote, "My kitchen table was vibrating and my little girl was dancing to the beat in her high-chair!"

I'm very eager to get these out on the road.

Need a DJ? Give me a call so I can put these monsters to work! (440) 525-1030

As always, my rates are extremely reasonable and I promise you a great show!


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